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BBQ Pro Tips by Pitmaster Mike Strauss

BBQ Pro Tips by Pitmaster Mike Strauss

Owner & BBQ Chef, Mike’s BBQ

BBQ Pro Tips by Mike Strauss of Mike’s BBQ

You can’t talk about BBQ in Philadelphia without mentioning Mike Strauss of Mike’s BBQ. He’s been feeding Philadelphians his BBQ to much demand and critical, national acclaim. Mike’s BBQ started in 2017 as a mobile operation popping up at local breweries and festivals until he opened a brick & mortar location in South Philly. Mike specializes in “pit to plate,” which means when it’s done and gone, they are done for the day, and they go home. In other words, it’s always fresh, never reheated and because of that, they sell out daily. Some of the best barbecue in Philadelphia, for sure.

🔥 PRO TIP #1: Order Burnt Ends!

Ask for some burnt ends when ordering brisket. You’ll thank me!

🔥 PRO TIP #2: Home BBQ Do’s & Don’ts

• Don’t sauce your meat until the meat is done cooking!

• Don’t cook based on time; cook based on food temp (get a good meat thermometer)

• Let your meat rest before slicing. A simple rule of thumb: the bigger the meat, the longer the rest!

• Smoke should be clear blue which indicates a clean-burning fire. Lots of airflow will help.

• Expect that not all your cooks will go as planned. That is part of the learning process. Also, the fun part of BBQ’ing! Either way, keep cooking.

🔥 Thank you, Mike! 🔥
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