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Philly Grub is a Philadelphia Food Blog founded by Marilyn Johnson in 2008.

Philly Grub is not a content farm using AI content writers like other sites in the area. This site straddles the fence between citizen journalism and personal journal. Every story gets vetted, and every news tip gets researched with due diligence and care with human eyes. The focus is on real people, places, and things. No clickbait headlines. No dodgy reporting. No fake news.

While Philly Grub hasn’t won many accolades and usually flies under the radar in Philly food media (read: underdog!), it is still pretty well known and frequently acknowledged as a trusted site. In 2021, Philly Grub won Metro Philly’s Best Philly Blog award and nominated again in 2022. This site is also frequently recognized as one of the best Philadelphia blogs on Feedspot. 

Philly Grub’s founder Marilyn Johnson has carved a niche for herself as someone in the know of Philadelphia’s food scene for over 14 years. Many other media outlets have recognized her writing and reporting as factual, trustworthy, and shareable.

Some highlights…

In 2019, getting linked from the Philadelphia InquirerFood & WineTravel & Leisure, and tons more.

In 2015, named one of Philly’s must-follow food scene accounts by Billy Penn! Thanks, Billy Penn!

In 2009, named one of Mashable’s “tastiest” Twitter accounts to follow. Old-school here.

Beyond Philly Grub, Marilyn is a freelance writer and contributor to MSN, NewsBreak, NJ Monthly, 70and73.com, and other publications. She’s also the founder of South Jersey Food Scene and has recently begun a travel blog for tasty travels outside of Philadelphia. She hopes to develop that in the coming years. She’s also the volunteer editor of the Food and Restaurants directory on Wikidelphia.

Marilyn is also an occasional Philadelphia food judge and food marketing consultant. Lastly (but certainly not least), she is a member of the distinguished Philadelphia Chapter of Les Dames d’Escoffier, an organization that empowers women within the food, beverage, and hospitality industry.

Marilyn does consider occasional sponsored content and collaborations on a case-by-case basis. The most important thing is that the opportunities are focused on high-quality storytelling.

As for everything else, please read below.

  • Feel free to reach out and pitch a story. But keep in mind, that while I understand you’re looking for another outlet to publish your press release, I’d rather not post the same thing everybody else is – let’s brainstorm on ideas of how to get you or your client coverage!
  • This site is a one-person operation. Though this website occasionally accepts guest posts, by and large, all of the content is written and/or published by one person, and this is very much a part-time operation. Marilyn works a full-time job in addition to doing this site.
  • If you want immediate PR consideration for your client or business, fill out the advertising form.
  • Philly Grub doesn’t charge for content and runs on limited advertising. If you like the content published here and want to support independent journalism, consider making a donation to help with web hosting fees and other related expenses.



All original content and photographs are copyright Philly Grub and should not be used without permission.

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