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YoBo! A Look at HomeGrown in South Philly

We all know South Philly has phenomenal food. You’re bound to find something delicious and quintessentially Philly on any corner or block. Cheesesteaks and Italian food are well represented, and you can find any cuisine your heart desires for the most part.  

Some places like to think outside the box and offer unique variations on the classics. Places like HomeGrown Coffee and Creations at 1515 West Porter Street want to shake things up and put a fun spin on breakfast and lunch favorites.

HomeGrown is located at 1515 W. Porter Street in South Philly

I had never heard of this deep South Philly eatery, but then I stumbled upon a video review by Nick Lanciano AKA Nicky Lance of Lanciano Productions. I like this kind of coverage by food content creators on YouTube. Folks who are going deep into “the wilds” and finding hidden gems. So, kudos to Nicky for bringing this place to my attention and allowing me to share it with you–my faithful Philly foodie readers!

As Nicky explores in this Philadelphia food review video, HomeGrown is turning out all kinds of exciting takes on traditional comfort food. They opened in 2017 and have been feeding South Philadelphians for over five years. They are open all day, every day, for breakfast and lunch until 2 pm and serving coffee drinks until 4 pm. They are not open for dinner. Sorry folks, no breakfast for dinner here.

The video is an excellent introduction to HomeGrown’s offerings, including a buttery cheesesteak served on an everything bagel seasoned long roll they have made especially for them. Brilliant! Nicky also shows off their coffee creations, including hot and iced coffee drinks made with locally roasted coffee by Bean2Bean Coffee

The video also introduces the “YoBo” breakfast sandwich, which takes a classic bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich to the next level. The sandwich looks massive. It’s filled with several pieces of crunchy bacon, fluffy eggs, hash browns, cheese, and sandwiched between two buttery waffles! It takes two hands to hold. I’m here for it.

Try the YoBo breakfast sandwich at HomeGrown in South Philly

If you love the savory-sweet flavor profile (and I do!), this sandwich is for you. Nicky gives it two thumbs up, and now I have to get down there to try it because sometimes you need to treat yourself to a monster breakfast sandwich. Ha!

As if that isn’t enough, they offer different variations of the “YoBo” with other breakfast meats and in a burrito form, too! The “YoBo-rrito!” sounds insane and probably warrants another video because, for some reason, I can’t wrap my brain around that one. This place will be right up your alley if breakfast is your favorite meal!

I love how they decorated the spot, too. The walls scream you are in South Philly. So much Philly pride and the employees look like they are genuinely enjoying themselves. And according to some of the customers he interviews in the video, South Philadelphians are happy to have this place around for good eats. Check out their website for the whole menu!

I’m glad to have HomeGrown Coffee and Creations on my radar now, and I’m happy to share it with you. Make sure you subscribe to Nicky Lance on YouTube. I love how he shines a positive spotlight on the Philly food scene and showcases some delish Philly food.

If you’ve been to HomeGrown, I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell them, “YoBo! I heard about you on Philly Grub from Nicky Lance!” if you go. I’m sure this small business in South Philly would appreciate the support!

And let us know if you want Nicky to come out and do a video of your spot!

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