How to “Collaborate” with Philly Grub

Marilyn Johnson of Philly Grub is willing to collaborate with a limited number of Philadelphia area restaurants and national food brands. Marilyn understands the needs and goals that food businesses have right now. You are looking to maximize exposure of your business and wish to reach a larger audience of food lovers in the Philadelphia area. Philly Grub has been around for 15 years, and Marilyn has built a distinguished reputation as an “in-the-know” food news resource. Her loyal following and readership expands well into the Greater Philadelphia area as well as across the country. Between her website, newsletter, and social media presence, Marilyn can help amplify your business.

Due to personal demands, challenges, and logistics, Marilyn is not currently making many on-site visits. While she’d love to visit your restaurant and try your food, it is probably unfeasible at this time. In lieu of that, there are other ways we can collaborate and work together to spotlight your business.

  1. If you are willing to deliver food or goods to Marilyn’s home address in South Jersey, that’s probably the best way for her to experience it. While this does not guarantee coverage on the website, she is happy to share a photo and tag your business on social media.
  2. If you have a bigger story to tell about your brand or business, Marilyn will send a few brief questions for a possible editorial feature. This is NOT an advertisement. The article would feature the people behind the business, inspiration behind it, and any other interesting details about the business that are not overly promotional in nature.
  3. If you would like to advertise your business or brand on the website, newsletter, and social media profiles, Marilyn will accept a small donation which goes towards business expenses (such as website hosting) and compensates for her time. Suggested minimum donation is $25. Of course, the more you can donate, the more Marilyn can offer.

Quick metrics:

  • 25,000+ blog readers per month;
  • 19,500+ Twitter followers (300K impressions on average per month);
  • 11,600+ Instagram followers (500+ impressions on average per post);
  • 5,000+ Facebook friends/fans (500+ impressions on average per post).

If interested, please get in touch.