Southwest-Style 3 Bean Chili

Since I am moving in just a little over a month, I realized that I had a good bit of canned goods to use up. I will only be purchasing canned items as I need them, no need to stock up! The less I have to move the better. Anyways, I decided to use up … Continue reading


Penang Curry ala Katie

One of my favorite dishes at Thai/Laotian restaurants is penang curry, which I usually get with tofu, because, yes, I actually like tofu! Penang curry is characterized by a peanut curry sauce that is absolutely addictive. Last night I was hungering for something Thai, but didn’t want to run out to buy anything, so I … Continue reading

Reviews / Vietnamese / West Philly

Vietnam Cafe in West Philadelphia

As a HUGE fan of Vietnam in Chinatown, I was ecstatic to learn that the Lai Family was opening up a satellite restaurant two blocks from my apartment in West Philadelphia. Vietnam Cafe does not offer as many dishes as the one in Chinatown, but in my opinion, that’s GREAT! The items on the menu … Continue reading


Philly Grub: Adventures in Foodie-delphia

Welcome to Philly Grub: Adventures in Foodie-delphia.  A new Philly-based food blog.  There will be restaurant reviews, recipe sharing, food photos, cooking tips, gadget talk, and more! Be sure to join our companion Philly Grub social network, too! Marilyn JohnsonFood enthusiast. Travel lover. Social media maven. Independent Journalist. Food marketing/PR expert. Email: phillygrub@gmail.comContinue reading