Penang Curry ala Katie

One of my favorite dishes at Thai/Laotian restaurants is penang curry, which I usually get with tofu, because, yes, I actually like tofu! Penang curry is characterized by a peanut curry sauce that is absolutely addictive. Last night I was hungering for something Thai, but didn’t want to run out to buy anything, so I … Continue reading


Philly Grub: Adventures in Foodie-delphia

Welcome to Philly Grub: Adventures in Foodie-delphia.  A new Philly-based food blog.  There will be restaurant reviews, recipe sharing, food photos, cooking tips, gadget talk, and more! Be sure to join our companion Philly Grub social network, too! Marilyn JohnsonGastronomic Hedonist, Tiki Lifestyle Dreamer, Digital Marketing Professional, Former Nightclub DJ, Happy Homemaker Wannabe, Cat Mommy, … Continue reading