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Philly Grub got in front of over 130,000 unique visitors in 2022 on the website alone. Perhaps you’d like to get in front of them? We offer the following site, email list, and social media advertising opportunities.

  • Sponsored Blog Posts. (See example here)

  • Sponsored Links.

  • Sidebar Ads.

  • Background, cover photo, and pinned post rental (on Blog, Twitter & Facebook page)

  • Sponsored Tweets.

  • Sponsored Instagram.

  • Live Tweeting Your Event.

  • Twitter Chats or IG Takeovers.

  • All of the Above!

  • Got something else in mind?

Advertising rates as low as $25/week! Get in front of over 20,000 blog readers per month, 19,000+ Twitter followers, 11,600+ Instagram followers, 5,000+ Facebook followers, and more.

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