Whiskey/Bourbon/Rye Drinks in Philadelphia

Here are some not-to-miss whiskey/bourbon/rye cocktails in Philadelphia.

Bloomsday Cafe’s Black Manhattan

Drink: Black Manhattan
Location: Bloomsday Cafe (414 South 2nd Street)
Price: $15
Description: Bloomday’s take on the classic Manhattan cocktail combines Overholt rye whiskey with Philadelphia Distilling’s ‘Vigo’ amaro, bitters, and orange.

Lion’s Tail at Dolce Italian

Drink: Lion’s Tail
Location: Dolce Italian (1437 Chestnut Street)
Price: $16
Description: Dolce Italian, a new Italian restaurant in Center City, located at the W Hotel on Chestnut Street, offers a whiskey cocktail featuring Maker’s Mark, allspice dram, lime, and bitters.

The Prime Rib’s Old-Fashioned

Drink: Prime Rib Old-Fashioned
Location: The Prime Rib (inside of Live! Casino & Hotel)
Price: $15
Description: The Prime Rib’s Old-Fashioned features Maker’s Mark bourbon, lavender bitters, cinnamon, and finished in a smoking chamber!

Mantawny Still Works line up of whiskeys

Drink: Night Moves
Location: Manatawny Still Works (1603 East Passyunk Avenue)
Price: $13
Description: Manatawny Still Works is well known for its whiskies. The Night Moves cocktail is like a whiskey-based margarita and comprises the distillery’s own Four Grain White Whiskey, grapefruit, lime with a salt rim. The tasting room on East Passyunk Avenue in South Philly features many Manatawny whiskey cocktails.

Bud & Marilyn’s Sage Derby Smash

Drink: Sage Derby Smash 
Location: Bud & Marilyn’s (1234 Locust Street)
Price: $13
Description: This herbal-noted cocktail features bourbon, sage, grapefruit, and honey.

The Sazerac at The Goat Rittenhouse

Drink: Sazerac
Location: The Goat Rittenhouse (1907 Sansom Street)
Price: $14
Description: The Goat’s classic Sazerac features Rittenhouse Rye, absinthe, sugar, Peychauds bitters, and lemon.

SouthGate’s Seoul Sour

Drink: Seoul Sour
Location: SouthGate (1801 Lombard Street)
Price: $13
Description: This Korean-influenced gastropub offers its take on the whiskey sour featuring bourbon, citron, lemon, lime, and an egg white.

Peach Whiskey Punch at Fette Sau

Drink: Peach Whiskey Punch 
Location: Fette Sau (1208 Frankford Ave)
Price: $10
Description: Whiskey and BBQ together? Oh, yes! Fishtown BBQ joint Fette Sau offers over two-hundred whiskeys! The Peach Whiskey Punch is a refreshing cocktail featuring bourbon, peach purée, lemon juice, and tea.

The Good King’s Up-to-Date

Drink: Up-to-Date
Location: The Good King Tavern (614 S. 7th Street)
Price: $13
Description: The Up-to-Date cocktail at this French-inspired bistro in South Philly features bourbon, sherry, and dry curaçao. Ooh, la la!

Drink: WOM Old Fashioned
Location: The Twisted Tail (509 South 2nd Street)
Price: $14
Description: Sip, savor and socialize at The Twisted Tail, where you can enjoy a taste of the South, blues, and bourbon. The rustic horseshoe bar offers more than 50 variations of whiskey to choose from, but don’t forget to try the WOM Old Fashioned, made with whiskey of the month, raw sugar, bitters, and citrus.

Southwark’s cocktails are some of the best in the country

Drink: Yeah, Fuck You Too
Location: Southwark (701 South 4th Street)
Price: $14
Description: With the best rye selection in the city, some may argue the country, Southwark is the perfect place to celebrate International Whiskey Day. Treat yourself to Southwark’s cocktail infused with Rittenhouse Rye, Amaro Braulio, Demerara, and Absinthe Rinse.

Wherever you drink your whiskey/bourbon/rye cocktails in Philadelphia, do so responsibly and enjoy–Cheers!

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