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Easter & Passover Specials at Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop

Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop will be offering several holiday themed goodies for Easter and Passover. They are available for pre-order now at both locations. Holiday pickups begin on Wednesday, April 13th. Pickup locations and hours are below.

1255 Marlborough Street (Fishtown)

12pm-3pm / 3:30pm-8pm
Saturday 10am-8pm
Sunday 10am-6pm

1424 South Street (South Street West)
Monday 10am-4pm
Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Friday 10am-7pm
No weekend hours at South Street location.


Chick Cupcakes ($4.25)
Normal sized yellow cupcakes with buttercream nests and chicks

Jumbo Bunny Butt cupcake ($9.00)
Jumbo yellow cupcakes with buttercream grass and bunny butts

Little Lamb Cakes ($9.00)
petite cakes made with yellow cake, lemon curd and vanilla buttercream

Marshmallow chicks ($5.50)
homemade vanilla marshmallow chicks* (2 per bag)
*yellow only

Easter Eggs (Indivdual egg $2.25 / Box of 6 $11.00)
Hand rolled candies dipped in dark chocolate. Peanut butter or coconut cream filling.


Chocolate-dipped Coconut Macaroons (Indivdual macaroon $2.25 / Box of 6 $11.00)
Flourless coconut cookie with 64% dark chocolate. (dairy free, gluten free, contains eggs)

Matzo Toffee
Matzo with a toffee layer, 64% chocolate and pecans – dairy free but contains eggs

The stores will also be stocked throughout the week before Easter. The Fishtown store will also be stocked on the weekend.

Pre-Order Holiday Menu Here!

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