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Asher’s Chocolate Co. Celebrates 130 Years; Unveils New Mascot

Asher’s Chocolate Co., the award-winning family-owned chocolate company commemorates 130 years in business, celebrating the region’s signature fine chocolates and confections for five generations. Established in 1892, Asher’s continues to pride itself as a Philadelphia based family-run business. Asher’s success story lies in having built a reputation for making quality candy with the freshest and purest ingredients available.

In tandem with their 130th Anniversary Celebration, Asher’s Chocolate Co. is proud to unveil the name of their new mascot. After careful and tedious review of over 4,500 name submissions, Asher’s curated the most creative and popular submissions. The winner and new official name of the Asher’s Chocolate Co. Mascot is Jerry Cordial!

Meet Jerry Cordial – Asher’s Chocolate Co.’s New Mascot

Inspired by Asher’s Cherry Cordial, an original item from the company’s early days, the Sugar Free Cherry Cordial entered the line in the early ‘80s. The Cherry Cordial was Asher’s first Sugar Free item and continues to be one of their top sellers. In fact, it is the only Sugar Free Cherry Cordial on the market.

“After reviewing our loyal customers’ name submissions, Jerry Cordial was the perfect fit for our new mascot. Jerry Cordial pays tribute to the Asher’s Chocolate history while also connecting and introducing the brand to the next generation of chocolate consumers,” says Sophie Asher, Asher’s Chocolate Co. 5th Generation.

Asher’s Chocolate Co. was founded in 1892 by Chester A. Asher, a Canadian farmer, seeking to establish his candy business in the heart of Philadelphia. Asher’s Chocolate Co. came from humble origins producing simple maple syrup, jellies, and ice cream. With the current fifth generation of Asher’s, the chocolate company has award-winning chocolate and fudge, one of the largest lines of sugar free chocolates in the industry and produces over 500 candy and chocolate products. Today, Asher’s Chocolate Co. has over 160 employees, distributes to all 50 U.S. states, and is located in a 108,000 square foot facility that produces over 4.5 million pounds of candy annually.

“The success of Asher’s lies in the hands of the family’s dedication to maintaining the utmost quality and consistent ingredients. Every day, close supervision and direction at the factory assures that the excellence is continued to keep up for years to come,” says Chester Asher, Asher’s Chocolate Co. 5th Generation.

Asher’s Chocolate Co. corporate headquarters is located in Souderton, Pennsylvania. The building now houses the Factory, the Executive Offices and Shipping, with the specialty lines remaining in Lewistown. Asher’s offers a wide selection of chocolates and other confections from Pecan Pralines to the award-winning Chocolate Covered Pretzels, and creamy Fudge. Asher’s also has one of the largest lines of Sugar Free, Low Sodium Chocolates in the industry.

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