Santucci’s Pizza Endures After 60+ Years

Santucci’s has been around since 1959 when it opened its original location on “O” Street in Juniata Park (North Philadelphia). More than 60 years later, the iconic Philadelphia pizza shop has eight locations, including three in South Jersey, with two more coming over the next year and even more to come after that!

The beloved Philadelphia-born square pizza brand endures to this day due to being a family-owned operation and delivering the same great food it always has served, and customers have come to expect.

As the brand expands, they have assured that quality and consistency will stay the same. The sauce recipe, for example, hasn’t changed since day one and will never be changed. No matter what happens behind the scenes and how much the company grows, the end product will always be the same. They will never deviate or compromise on quality.

While some locations are still family owned and operated, a few are franchises, with various family members still active and involved in the operation of each restaurant. 

I chatted with Alicia Santucci, CEO, and John Mahalis, Director of Marketing and Brand Development, to learn more about Santucci’s growth plans in the coming years.

1) How many Santucci locations are franchises?

There are five franchise locations (Roxborough, Downingtown, Wildwood, Washington Township, and Paoli) in addition to our three corporate locations (Italian Market, North Broad, and Ventnor City). The upcoming Media location will be a franchise location, and we have additional locations slated for a 2023-2024 opening.

2) Are they all “in the family,” or have some folks outside the family been brought in?

Out of the franchises, Wildwood and Washington Township are family-owned, while non-family members own and run the others (Roxborough, Downingtown, and Paoli). Non-family owners will also operate the new locations.

3) How many family members are still integral in the brand’s operation? 

The immediate family is all involved, which includes: Alicia Santucci Barabuscio, CEO, Blake Barbuscio (Alicia’s Husband), Frank Santucci Sr. (Alicia’s Father), Alice Santucci (Alicia’s Mother), Frank Santucci Jr. (Alicia’s Brother), and Anthony Santucci (Alicia’s Brother). 

4) What does the “corporate” structure look like? 

The Corporate Structure as of now is Alicia (CEO), Frank Santucci Sr (Founder), Blake Barabuscio (VP of franchise acquisition), Anthony Santucci (VP of Quality Control), Frank Santucci Jr (VP of Operations), Chad Bickle (VP of Franchise Development), Zac Brenner (VP of Franchise Training and Support).  John Mahalis (Director of Marketing and Brand Development), and Tracey Cardella (Director of Catering). 

In addition to its signature ‘sauce on top’ gourmet pizza, Santucci’s offers a variety of Italian menu items such as house made wing sauce and salad dressings, meatballs and pasta dishes with homemade pasta sauces.

The North Broad and Ventnor locations also feature full-service bars, Washington Twp and Wildwood sell Santucci Private labeled wine, and the others are all BYOB. 

Are you a fan of Santucci’s pizza? If so, what is your favorite pie? Let me know in the comments!

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