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Tiffany’s Bakery to Launch New “DOYO®” Donut on National Donut Day (June 4)

Get ready to add “DOYO®” to the list of Philly phrases that have become synonymous with the city. Pronounced dough-yo, this unique donut is the latest offering from Center City-based Tiffany’s Bakery and might just be the best donut you’ve ever had. It’ll be available on June 4 which is National Donut Day!

What makes this donut different? The DOYO® Donut is made in a steam oven for starters, giving it a moist and tender profile you won’t find with traditional donuts. Compared to a fried donut, the DOYO® has a much better and cleaner flavor, and with as many as 25% fewer calories and as much as 50% less fat, it’s an indulgence you can feel good about!

“I am the ultimate donut fan, and this is the donut I have been dreaming of my whole life,” says Frank Pantazopoulos, owner of Tiffany’s Bakery. “You can put the DOYO® up against any other cake donut, and you’ll find that it’s more luscious, more flavorful, and more satisfying. The fact that it also happens to be healthier is a source of pride since it means you can enjoy this treat more often; we all need as much happiness as we can get these days.” 

Head to Tiffany’s Bakery early on National Donut Day to celebrate, as the first 200 customers will receive a free DOYO®! Starting June 4, and for a limited time, the bakery will also offer customers a “buy a dozen DOYO® donuts, get six free” promotion, valid both online and at their location in the Fashion District of Philadelphia (on the lower level between 10th and 11th streets). 

DOYO® donuts will be available in single, half dozen, and dozen quantities. Flavors include: vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, cinnamon sugar, strawberry, coconut, maple bacon, lemon poppy, and more. How can you get your hands on these tasty treats? Order online for pickup or delivery, or stop in and try one! 

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You are absolutely going to want to try these game-changing donuts. We received samples today and confirm how absolutely scrumptious they are. Very cake-like and super moist! So many yummy flavors to choose from, it was super hard to pick which one to eat first! As a donut lover, I was impressed with its taste and consistency. Once these donuts are available on June 4, I highly recommend trying them. As always, support local. Tiffany’s Bakery has been family-owned and operated since 1977. Their baked goods are legendary in the city. Now this true Philadelphia bakery is revolutionizing donuts right here!

Samples provided but opinions are my own!

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