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Bassett’s Ice Cream Walk-Up Window

Bassett’s Ice Cream Pick-Up Window on 12th Street [Photo: Josh Moore]

As you know, 2020 has been extremely tough on the food industry. However, you don’t get to be America’s Oldest Ice Cream Company without persevering through challenging times. Bassett’s Ice Cream will be celebrating its 160th Anniversary next year!

Knowing that some customers still don’t feel comfortable going inside, Bassett’s built a Pick-up Window on the 12th street side of its Reading Terminal Market location.

Customers can pre-order ice cream, milkshakes, and Famous 4th Street cookies online and pick them up without needing to wait inside.

The Pick-up window, as it currently stands is meant for pre-ordering online only and picking up at the window. They are not accepting walk-up orders at this time. 

The ordering process goes like this:

  1. Order online at
  2. Call when you arrive at Bassetts Ice Cream or ring the doorbell.
  3. Pick up the order through the window. 
Bassett’s Ice Cream Pick-Up Window on 12th Street [Photo: Josh Moore]

Menus options include:

🍨 40+ Flavors of hand-packed pints & quarts

🥛 Milkshakes, including 6 popular specialty flavors such as ‘Oreo Madness’ or ‘Thin Mint’. 

🍪 Cookies and Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich Kits (in collaboration with fellow RTM merchant Famous 4th Street Cookies). The most popular is the ‘4 Cookie Sandwich Kit’, which comes with 1 Pint of Bassett’s ice cream and 8 Famous Cookies ideal for making 4 ice cream sandwiches. 

🎂 Mississippi Mudcake, which is a cake made with Bassetts Coffee Ice Cream blended with shaved chocolate pieces and almonds atop a dark cookie crust finished with chocolate fudge topping, whipped cream, and chopped almonds.

All of these items are also available for local delivery direct from Bassett’s website, on Grubhub, DoorDash & Caviar.

The Pick-up window makes it much easier and safer for delivery drivers. Delivery drivers are already putting themselves at risk to make money, this prevents them from needing to go inside.  

Such a proactive idea to help keep employees and customers safe. Well done, Bassett’s!

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