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Rosati Ice Launches Fundraiser for Employees and Veterans

Rosati Ice owner Rich Trotter asks for the public’s help to get through unprecedented times and give back to veterans.

The 108-year-old Clifton Heights, PA-based company recently launched a GoFundMe seeking to raise $300,000, supporting furloughed Rosati Ice employees and providing free Italian ice to veterans and their caregivers.

The company depends on its wholesale school business, and with many schools closed, sales are down considerably. Ninety percent of its revenue between Labor Day and March is K-12 schools. Despite their best efforts, the company’s sales are only 30% of normal and will remain until non-school sales kick in for the 2021 spring and summer seasons. 

For every $3 donation, a 10-ounce cup of our water ice will be donated to a Veteran’s facility (hospital, nursing home, etc).

Consider donating to this beloved Philadelphia area based company!

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