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Eat This: Pickle Sandwich by Elsie’s

Elsie’s, formerly Elsie’s Down the Shore, may not have invented the pickle sandwich, but they’re determined to popularize it. The former Linwood deli, owned and operated by Katherine J. Cohen Jordan and her husband Chad, is now based in Oaklyn, NJ as a catering business with possible plans for a brick and mortar down the road.

Pickle Sandwich by Elsie's

What is a pickle sandwich? Simply, it’s a traditional deli sandwich between a halved pickle. In this case, Elsie’s Signature Pickle – an extra large pickle they have custom made for their sandwiches. Another thing that sets these pickle sandwiches apart are the ingredients. They roast their own beef for roast beef sandwiches and turkey for turkey sandwiches, making them truly fresh and high-quality. Even the tomatoes are the ripest and the lettuce is extra crisp.

Roast Beef Pickle Sandwich by Elsie's

Why eat a pickle sandwich? First of all, pickles are healthy and delicious. If you’re on a low-carb or keto diet, you can eat this sandwich. If you’re gluten-sensitive, you can eat this sandwich. Not a fan of pickles? No problem. Order a lettuce wrap sandwich instead. They also offer a vegetarian and vegan-friendly sandwich with homemade hummus and veggies. Elsie’s has all of the bases covered.

Lettuce Wrap Sandwich by Elsie's

Elsie’s also makes cucumber roll-ups which are fun mini sandwiches. It’s like sushi-style pickle sandwiches! So cute and perfect for parties for any occasion.

Cucumber Roll-Ups by Elsie's

Have I piqued your interest in pickle sandwiches? If so, Elsie’s is planning its local debut at a pop-up dinner at The Square Meal in Oaklyn, NJ this Sunday, October 28th starting at 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. Best to pre-order yours to ensure you get your pickle fix, though. Call 267-304-0266.

Marilyn with Pickle Sandwich

Yours truly enjoying an Elsie’s Pickle Sandwich. You gotta try one! 🙂

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