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Drink This: Fashioned Faux Paw at White Dog Cafe

Throughout September, White Dog Cafe is partnering with Angels Envy for their “Toast the Trees” project, which will help plant trees in Kentucky.

For every Angel’s Envy cocktail that is posted to social media with #ToastTheTrees, Angel’s Envy will plant a tree in Kentucky.

The three White Dog Cafe locations (Haverford, Wayne and University City) will feature the “Fashioned Faux Paw” – Angel’s Envy, Peychaud’s, Angostura, molasses, amarena cherry, lemon, Q Brand Grapefruit Soda, orange, toasted rosemary.

Len Boris Director of Beverages for Fearless Restaurants, which includes the White Dog Cafe locations, explained, “The idea was to use all of the mistakes that people make in making a traditional old fashioned. We muddled the wrong fruit, used the wrong bitters, added the wrong sweetener, and we topped it with soda at the end. All the things that would normally ruin a perfectly good cocktail, but the Fashioned Faux Paw is perfectly imperfect,” he added.

The White Dog Cafe features a seasonal menu that is based on sustainability and uses ingredients from local farms, no more than 50 miles from the restaurants.

The White Dog locations are 379 Lancaster Avenue Haverford, 200 W Lancaster Avenue, Wayne, and the original at 3420 Sansom Street in University City.

According to the Angel’s Envy website, this is their fourth year participating with the Arbor Day Foundation for Toast the Trees in honor of September’s National Bourbon Heritage Month. During the first three years, Angel’s Envy has planted over 13,000 white oak trees across Appalachia and Kentucky. Angel’s Envy plants white oak trees as they use white oak barrels for distilling.

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