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Chubby Cattle Bringing Chinese Hot Pots to Chinatown Philly Later This Year

Chinatown is already hot, thanks to the addition of Chinatown Square’s multi-faceted food court. It’s about to get hotter. Hot pot hot.

Chinese Hot Pot Chubby Cattle Chintown Philadelphia

Chinese Hot Pot at Chubby Cattle

Chubby Cattle, the world’s first restaurant in the world to provide refrigerated conveyor belt based elevated hotpot meals, is planning to open near the Friendship gate in Chinatown at 146 N. 10th Street by the end of the year. The first restaurant opened in Las Vegas in October of last year and is already planning to open locations in New York, Denver, Dallas, and Seattle in addition to Philly.

The restaurant will feature an open view display kitchen and handcrafted noodle bar where certified A5 Miyazaki Wagyu from Japan and the restaurant’s own breed of Dorper lamb are hand sliced per order. The sheep are raised organically on their own open pasture. The farm doesn’t use any antibiotics, growth hormones, herbicides, pesticides, synthetic fertilizer or other chemicals and no cages or feedlots. The sheep are packed on ice whole and and shipped overnight to the restaurant. The entire process from slaughter to arrival at the restaurant is under 72 hours. The entire procedure is USDA Certified. This provides the restaurant with the highest quality, 100% grass-fed lamb.

In the display kitchen, guests also can view handmade dumpling and noodle making where everything is made from scratch. Their chefs are all trained in China. They handcraft traditional wheat noodles, in three different sizes, as well as organic purple yam noodles, high-mountain green tea noodles, carrot noodles, tomato noodles and various types of dumplings. Juicy meatballs, beef buns, bao buns, and more will be in plain view for guests to see and order.

Chinese hot pot consists of a simmering metal pot filled with a delicious broth. Guests can choose from a variety of soup bases (original, tomato, mushroom, seafood and Hellishly Spicy). The soup base is set in the center of a delectable assortment of uncooked sides, raw meat (thinly sliced), seafood, vegetables, mushrooms, and handmade noodles. Pick your sides of choice and let them sizzle until they are cooked to your liking. Complement the meal with Chubby Cattle signature dipping sauces, or add some spice with their renowned hot sauces.

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