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Celebrate National Margarita Day with Juan Pistolas at El Poquito

El Poquito in Chestnut Hill is the place to be this National Margarita Day. On February 22, Juan Pistolas is partnering with El Poquito to celebrate National Margarita Day. Everyone loves a great margarita, and there will be great margaritas with Juan Pistolas premium tequila from 12PM to 8PM.

Juan Pistolas is a new Philadelphia-based tequila brand that was born in the midst of the pandemic. The company is owned by two friends, John and Robert who share a passion for premium tequila, Philly, and innovative ideas. Their best-selling product: double shots of tequila that are packaged in an easily transported six pack are now on the shelves of liquor stores in PA, NJ, CT, FL, MA, and NY.

These six packs are a significant upgrade to bringing wine or beer to a party, the pool, the beach, the tailgate, or even a sporting event as they come in resealable, non-breakable shot glasses.

El Poquito is located at 8201 Germantown Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19118. We highly recommend that you go enjoy margaritas and food at El Poquito! Chestnut Hill is an exceptional foodie town in the Philadelphia area.

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