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It’s A Delco Thing: Swiss Farms & Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino

When you think of the Delaware County-based convenience store chain Swiss Farms, you might think milk, bread, eggs, and farm-fresh prepared food. A comedic drag performer probably wouldn’t come to mind.

In case you haven’t followed, Troy David Hendrickson’s Delco-inspired, sometimes controversial alter-ego Aunt Mary Pat DiSabatino took the Internet by storm last year. First on viral YouTube videos, then in bars and nightclubs across the Delaware Valley. Through these comedy performances inspired by his own mother both online and off, he’s built quite the following, allowing him to quit his day job and the ability to perform as AMP full-time.

Seeing an opportunity to connect even further with its Delco-ness, Swiss Farms reached out to the notorious character and struck up a partnership to promote the chain. Intrigued, I wanted to learn more about how it all came together so I sent TDH these questions.

Philly Grub: Did they reach out to you?

Aunt Mary Pat/Troy David Hendrickson: After my Swiss Farms/Carpool Karaoke with “Driver Ed”, their amazing Social Media Manager reached out to me about a possible collab!

PG: What was their reasoning for wanting to partner with you (besides brand awareness/the Delco angle) if any?

AMP/TDH: I think our partnership was a very natural pairing, especially with the DELCO angle. But it was mainly about (building) brand awareness and promotion.

PG: Was it an easy “yes” to work with them?

AMP/TDH: It was a very easy YES on my end. I think its a very natural fit and would make our fans happy.

PG: What do you love most about Swiss Farms?

AMP/TDH: I love that they have such a tight-knit family community. They have multiple locations but they are a small company. I love how HAPPY everyone is at their stores.

PG: What are your favorite MUST HAVE items?

AMP/TDH: They literally have everything! But always a tea cooler! Their fresh food is all handmade by a chef too!

PG: Have you been to all of the Swiss Farms locations?

AMP/TDH: I have visited every single location except for their new store in Norristown.

PG: Which one is your favorite?

AMP/TDH: I think my favorite has to be Milmont Park….just for the Nostalgia!

PG: Where else does Aunt Mary Pat like to eat in Delco?

AMP/TDH: Nifty Fifty’s or Nick’s Roast Beef.

As a fan of AMP, I’m looking forward to seeing how this collaboration shakes out. It’s always fun to see brands think outside of the box in their marketing efforts. It’s nothing new that brands have been collaborating more and more with social media influencers and personalities; it has to resonate with both audiences, though. In this case, I think it’s a good pairing. AMP is all about Delco and Swiss Farms is proudly Delco-based.

“We are thrilled to be working with Aunt Mary Pat and we have a lot of exciting things that we are planning.” said Diane Raspanti, Social Media and Events Coordinator of Swiss Farms. “AMP will be putting on her Swiss farms T-shirt and name tag on February 19th and working at one of our stores.”

Stay tuned for more information about that!

Follow Aunt Mary Pat on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with what’s next including a Kickstarter to fund debut full-length album, “Talk of the Township.”

What’s your favorite Delco spot? Sound off in the comments!

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