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Capogiro Gelato Artisans and Capofitto To Close


This just in…

We here at Capogiro Gelato Artisans would like to thank the Great City of Philadelphia for your warm embrace for the past 16 years. It is not lost on us that some of you have grown up eating our gelato. Our own children grew up in our cafes. Thank you for your loyalty and zealous support. We would like to thank our incredible employees, some who have been with us since day one. Without you we would be nothing. Thank you to our partners who believed in us and did everything you could. Thank you to our wholesale customers, who challenged Stephanie to create flavors that matched your brilliant menus. Thank you to the local farmers and vendors. Philadelphia is spoiled! We have the best.

We are sorry that we could not get to the finish line. Growth capital was sought, but unfortunately potential investors could not see past the losses that we sustained from the February fire in Old City.

We will cease all operations across the company. The last piccolo will be served this Sunday, December 9th. We will close at midnight.. (16 years to the day – just about.)

We are going back to the drawing board to plan our next steps.  Stay tuned…

Really sad to hear this news. I never had gelato before Capogiro. They really did ignite the gelato craze in our region.

They had just hired David Katz and Tom Pittkas to scale-up. Obviously, that wasn’t enough. 🙁

I wish John & Stephanie Reitano well and hope they come back some day!


2 thoughts on “Capogiro Gelato Artisans and Capofitto To Close

  1. Devastating news. so many great memories of Capogiro’s excellence. served it at company dinner, mailed it to my ill sister, popped in with grandchildren, delivered it as gifts many times, mainly enjoyed it on impulse. i hope and believe that this unique business will triumph again. millie lane-berg

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