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Burg’s Hideaway Lounge: An Unexpected Oasis in Point Breeze

I’m not going to get into the political and socioeconomic bifurcation of the rapidly gentrifying Point Breeze, nor will I mention the role that oftentimes controversial real estate developer Ori Feibush plays in it. That’s simply not my beat. I’ll leave that to my blogging comrades at Philadelinquency.

However, I will mention that Ori Feibush is the owner of Burg’s Hideaway Lounge. Love him or hate him, Burg’s has now outlasted the former Buckminster’s which only survived 7 months at the corner of 21st and Federal. All things considered, it appears to be a welcome addition to the new Point Breeze.

Burg's Hideaway Lounge

Exterior of Burg’s Hideaway Lounge in Point Breeze [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

The choice of keeping Burg’s in the name was really smart. Paying homage to the former Burg’s Lounge, and simply adding Hideaway to the name, offers familiarity and an attempt at respect for the neighborhood’s past if in name only. Certainly, that is where the proverbial olive branch stops.

It’s a modern twist on the local corner bar in Philadelphia. With its breezily retro-inspired vibe and self-proclaimed Polynesian oasis theme, it easily straddles the fence between ironic and brilliant. Perhaps that’s the goal? It doesn’t want to come off as trying too hard, yet wants to be taken seriously. It doesn’t want to draw too much attention, yet subtly begs for it. This is the conundrum and unfulfillment of gentrification.

Burg's Hideaway Lounge Bar

The interior of Burg’s Hideaway Lounge in Point Breeze [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

I had my eye on Burg’s Hideaway from the beginning; following very closely on social media. The quasi-tiki mood was quite alluring to me and ultimately captured my attention. Being tiki fanciers, I knew that hubby and I had to visit to see it for ourselves.

Burg's Hideaway Bar

The bar at Burg’s Hideaway Lounge [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

So glad we did – what a treat! The subtle décor conveys an exotic feeling without going over the top. Simple, yet classic hints of tropical flavor promote a playful and charming atmosphere. A large elephant plant in the front corner behind a communal table. Polynesian decorative art on the bar. Pink flamingos. Clear tiki glasses. Colorful cocktail parasols. Just enough to set a cheerful mood.

Burg's Hideaway Lounge Brunch Menu

Brunch at Burg’s Hideaway Lounge [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

We wholeheartedly enjoyed our brunch at Burg’s. The menu is both approachable and affordable with prices ranging from $7.50 for the classic burger to $12.50 for the steak and eggs.

Aloha Mr. Burg

Aloha, Mr. Burg at Burg’s Hideaway Lounge [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Naturally, I had to start with a cocktail. That’s how I roll, always. Having seen the good-looking Aloha, Mr. Burg ($9) featured many times on their Instagram feed, it was a must-try for me. The combination of freshly squeezed watermelon, saké, rum, and velvet falernum in a clear tiki glass with a paper cocktail umbrella and a forest of fresh mint screams tiki drink to me. Bottoms up!

Marilyn Enjoying Aloha Mr. Burg

Aloha, Mr. Burg Indeed! [Photo: David Johnson]

This cocktail did not disappoint my tiki cocktail loving heart! I wanted to ask if I could buy the glass, but I forgot. (Thank goodness for Amazon, I now own it!) Anyways, what about the food, yes?

Burg's Hideaway Lounge Tuna Poke

Tuna Poke [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

The Tuna Poke dish ($10.50) was like a fantasy dish come true to me. Sushi grade tuna, watermelon, a little kelp (seaweed), and wasabi puffed rice! Absolutely phenomenal. The rice was an unusual but fantastic addition. It added just a touch of crunch and wasabi flavor to kick it up a notch. This crappy phone pic doesn’t do it justice, I’m afraid.

Brunch Burger at Burg’s Hideaway Lounge [Photo: David Johnson]

Hubby opted for the Brunch Burger ($7.50). Seasoned perfectly, cooked medium, topped with lots of creamy Cooper Sharp cheese, LTO, and served on a soft potato bun. Along with yummy seasoned potatoes, he enjoyed it quite a bit! Simple, delicious and cheap!

Peach Crepe Cake at Burg's Hideaway Lounge

“Gateau de Crêpe” [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

If they have it on the menu when you go, you MUST get the “Gateau de Crêpe” ($8.50) otherwise known as a layered crepe cake. On the day we went for brunch, they were offering a peaches & cream variety. It was glorious layer after layer of delicate crepes in a pool of peaches & cream sauce and garnished with edible flowers. DIVINE!

Overall, we were very pleased with our visit to Burg’s Hideaway Lounge. Superb drinks, captivating menu, well-executed food, very friendly staff, and relaxing, unpretentious atmosphere. Yeah, really! Don’t let the location deter you. It truly is an unexpected oasis in the heart of Point Breeze. It’s definitely worth visiting if you’re in the ‘hood. Vegans may be disappointed, though. Not much for the veggie crowd.

Burg's Hideaway Lounge Beer List

Beer List at Burg’s Hideaway Lounge [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Can’t wait to go back for happy hour and dinner sometime to enjoy another Aloha, Mr. Burg and one of their many frequently updated craft beers or fine wines on tap!

If you go, tell them Philly Grub sent you!

*Special thanks to Punch Media PR for arranging our visit. Our opinions are our own.

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