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White Dog Wayne Offers New Large Shareable Summer Cocktails

It is absolutely no secret by now that I love my cocktails. I love them even better when I’m out with my hubby or with a few friends. So when I heard about White Dog Wayne’s shareable summer cocktails, I got excited and wanted to share with you!

White Dog Wayne Patio Punches

White Dog Wayne Sangria Tower!

The White Dog Cafe Wayne’s Patio Punches, as they are calling them, are perfect for summer sipping. The drinks are served in a large shareable dispenser and are priced at to serve two to three guests, four to five guests or six and more guests.

Select from:

  • Sunset Rosé — Monastrell Sangria, Sparkling Wine, Lemonade and Orange Juice ($25, $50 and $75);

  • RedlineSweet Carolina Sweet Tea Vodka, Rhubarb, Lemonade, Mint and Iced Tea ($30, $60 and $90);

  • Red or White Sangria ($25, $50 or $75).

They all sound so refreshing, huh?!

Grab your friends on the Mainline this weekend and head to White Dog Waynelocated at 200 West Lancaster Ave.

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