Sonic – Limerick, PA

Fast food. It’s a nasty gamble and almost every single time I partake in it, I ask myself, “Why did I do this?” and then go cry in a corner. Today I have eaten, truly, the worst and most debilitating, disgusting chum ever auto-produced by a fast food franchise. Sonic proclaims itself to be “America’s Drive-In!” well… keep on driving America. Do NOT waste your time, money, or tastebuds on it.

The way I felt after my Sonic experience is enough to turn me vegetarian. Really. I was physically crippled for a good 3-4 hours after I had so wrongly decided to eat at “America’s Drive-In.” Thankfully, a strong dose of ginger tea and a little nap helped rejuvenate me back into an animate human being once again.

I will never, ever, eat there in the future.

Stewart’s Drive-In, on the other hand, is a fantastic place for a delicious chili dog and a fresh blueberry milkshake.

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