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Chef Jennifer Carroll Develops New Recipes for Do Good Chicken

Do Good Chicken is a new line of 100% natural, U.S. farm-raised, cage-free fresh chicken with no antibiotics, hormones, or steroids that is now available at grocers in Philadelphia.

About Do Good Chicken: 

🐔 Do Good Foods takes healthy surplus food from grocery stores after community donations occur and upcycles it into nutrient-dense chicken feed that mimics their natural diet. 

🐔 The high-quality, carbon-reduced chicken is sold back to local supermarkets for customers to purchase, closing the loop and helping combat food waste. 

🐔 Each delicious Do Good Chicken saves approximately four pounds of surplus groceries from being thrown away, thus preventing approximately three pounds of greenhouse gases. 

Do Good Foods has teamed up with Philadelphia native and Chef Jennifer Carroll, founder of Carroll Couture Cuisine and Spice Finch, to provide home cooks with an easy, climate-friendly recipe using delicious Do Good Chicken.

Check out her recipe for Shawarma Chicken Kebabs – I had this, and it is fantastic! A delicious, balanced bite with lots of flavors that co-mingle and please the palate! An oh-so-satisfying taste of the Mediterranean that everyone will enjoy.

Highly recommend trying Do Good Chicken and making this recipe!

Do Good Chicken can be found in the poultry section at select ACME and GIANT stores across the Philadelphia area for Philadelphians who give a cluck about food waste. To find a retailer or to learn more, visit

I appreciate Do Good Chicken for sending me a sample of this recipe to try at home so that I can share it with you. As always, my opinions are my own.

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