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Coming Soon: BBQ Pizza at The Lucky Well in University City

The Lucky Well is located at 3432 Sansom Street in University City

Chef Steven Seibel (formerly of Hook & Master) has joined The Lucky Well team at the new location in University City to bring pizza into the mix. BBQ pizza, you say? Oh yes!

I recently spoke with Steven and Chad Rosenthal to learn about their vision and what to expect at 3432 Sansom Street, which is currently open for BBQ pickup and delivery only.

“Steve and I met about a year ago,” Rosenthal told Philly Grub. “We hit it off. We started talking about barbecue pizzas. When the opportunity came up to take over the former Baby Blue’s BBQ space, we thought it would work there, being close to the Universities.”

Chefs Steven Seibel and Chad Rosenthal of The Lucky Well in University City

BBQ on pizza is nothing new. BBQ chicken pizza is pretty common, even at most pizza shops that offer “gourmet-style” or premium pizzas. Seibel and Rosenthal have developed BBQ pizzas that go beyond the standard. In fact, they’re gonna be extra.

“We’re going to take BBQ pizza to the next level,” Rosenthal continued, explaining what will set them apart. “The quality of the products we’ll use on the pizza will be second to none. Beautifully smoked meats, like Texas-style brisket, gourmet cheeses, and our own proprietary cheese blend, to name a few.”

A preview of BBQ pizzas to come at The Lucky Well in University City

Famous BBQ regions in the USA will inspire each pizza, such as Texas, Memphis, Alabama, Carolinas, etc. A limited number of pizzas will be available daily, likely selling out, so you better follow them on Instagram!

“Yeah, so the barbecue is obviously still the core of The Lucky Well menu; we’re rocking it,” Rosenthal added. “This is an added item for this location to make things even more interesting.”

Seibel and Rosenthal are not only looking to push the boundaries of BBQ pizzas, but they will also offer several gourmet sandwiches on the menu. They will also add some vegan and plant-based options down the line.

Rosenthal said more new things are in the works without going into too much detail. Watch his Instagram.

The new BBQ pizza at The Lucky Well in University City will debut mid to late September. If all goes well, they could be made available at the Spring Arts location, but UC will be the “proving ground.” Stay tuned!

What do you think about BBQ pizza in Philadelphia? Let me know in the comments.

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