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Ocean Prime Announces New Executive Chef Maeve Joyce

Chef Maeve Joyce has been promoted to Executive Chef of Cameron Mitchell Restaurant’s Ocean Prime Philadelphia restaurant.

Ocean Prime Philly is pleased to announce their first female executive chef, Maeve Joyce. Chef Maeve is a long-time associate at the award-winning steak and seafood restaurant where she started her career in 2017. She began as a line cook in the Philadelphia location and has worked her way up through the ranks to Executive Chef.

Joyce’s interest in the restaurant and hospitality world sparked when she was 14 years old. She quickly fell in love with exploring and understanding unique flavors and cuisines while working at both a Thai restaurant and Italian restaurant in high school. After several years of serving, hosting, and working on the line specializing in pasta, Chef Joyce moved from Lancaster, PA to Philadelphia where she attended LaSalle University and completed her degree in Social Work. She also worked in the school’s catering department, furthering her culinary interest.

After graduation, she pursued a career in direct care for adults with intellectual disabilities, but later decided that her immense passion for food was something that she missed. In 2016, Chef Joyce returned to the culinary world full time, where her passion for helping others could be combined with her love of food.

She takes pride in teaching and developing others in the restaurant industry and greatly appreciates how food can bring diverse groups together. Chef Joyce has learned many lessons during her career, but believes the greatest lesson is that time spent investing in other people’s growth is never wasted.

Outside of the kitchen, Chef Joyce enjoys spending time with her family, including her Havanese dog and her cat. She also enjoys dining out, traveling to the Caribbean and visiting Ireland to see her family.

Mazel Tov to Chef Joyce! 🎉🎉🎉

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