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Scenes from Haddonfield Night Market

We went to the first Haddonfield Night Market of 2017 tonight.


The trucks were lined up and down both sides of Kings Highway. By the time we got there (6:30) the town was in full foodie swing. The lines for all of the food trucks were quite lengthy, which is a bit annoying, but not totally unexpected. It’s a big public event, after all!

It’s really refreshing to see South Jersey getting in on the food truck festival action more so this year. Downtown Haddonfield is the perfect place to host such an event because of its very walkable main street (Kings Highway). Not to mention there’s already so many great restaurants and boutiques. These kind of events truly bring the community together; I noticed a lot of smiles on people’s faces indicating that most people were having a good time. Finally, they’re also great for the food truck entrepreneurs. It feels good to support these small businesses!

Dump N Roll at Haddonfield Night Market

Dump N Roll

We really wanted to try Dump N Roll, but the line was super long. Way outside of the picture above.

Waffles & Wedges at Haddonfield Night Market

Waffles & Wedges

Would have LOVED to try Waffles & Wedges, too. But no go. The line was way beyond this picture.

Mamas Meatballs at Haddonfield Night Market

Mama’s Meatballs

We found the line was a bit shorter at Mama’s Meatballs, but it seems as soon as we got there the line filled in quite a bit behind us. I felt we made a good choice, though. Because these saucy balls were AMAZING! So much flavor and that sauce!

Mamas Meatballs with Logo

Saucy Meatball Sliders by Mama’s Meatballs!

Did you go? What did you have? Tell us in the comments or on Facebook.

Looking forward to the next Haddonfield Night Market on June 8th!

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