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Draft Cocktails Debut at Tria Taproom

Tria Taproom, the popular all-draft bar, will pour four signature draft cocktails this spring, with a fun Launch Party featuring a live DJ and cocktail specials on Tuesday, April 4.

On Tuesday, April 4, Tria Taproom will launch Taproom Cocktails: four custom-blended cocktails, made from artisanal spirits and fresh juices, on draft. It’s the first time that any Tria property has offered liquor beyond wine and beer, and to celebrate, they will host a fun Launch Party, featuring a live DJ and friendly pricing on all four drinks, from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Tria Taproom Cocktail Outside

Draft Cocktails Debut at Tria Taproom

Taproom Cocktails, like all of Tria’s offerings, will be guided by their company-wide mission of serving exceptionally high-quality products in a friendly, educational, unpretentious setting.

Working closely with mixologist Marshall Altier of New York’s Spirit House Consultants, the Tria Taproom team designed these four cocktail recipes, based on classic tipples and made from fine spirits and fresh juices. After a precise adjustment to their draft lines, overseen by Anton Baranenko of Draft Choice, the four cocktails were kegged and will be poured for the first time this spring. Baranenko, who installed Taproom’s draft lines ahead of their 2013 opening, carefully calibrated the CO2 levels to match each drink’s ingredients: the texture of a shaken drink for one, for example, and a stirred drink for another:

  • Black ’n Stormy, Cruzan Black Strap rum with organic ginger simple syrup, Pickett’s American Craft Hot ’n Spicy Ginger Beer and Persian lime juice, served “fizzy” and garnished with a lime wedge and ginger candy

  • Continental Sour, Kinsey rye with lemon and cane sugar, topped with a Claret float, garnished with a lemon wedge

  • Oaxaca Old Fashioned, Cimmarón Reposado tequila with Vicío Mezcal Blanco, amber agave nectar and Angostura bitters, served “stirred” and garnished with an orange peel

  • Sparkling Vesper, Bluecoat gin and Stateside vodka with Cocchi Americano and lemon oleo saccharum, served “fizzy” and garnished with a lemon peel

Taproom Cocktails range in price from $11 to $12; during the Draft Launch, they will all be available for $10 each throughout the evening. Representatives from the local distilleries featured on the menu will be on hand to celebrate, and a DJ will soundtrack the evening with classic rock and funk, lending a festive atmosphere to the first official taste of these fun new drinks.

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