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Tamworth Distilling, Art in the Age Collab at Talula’s Daily This Friday, September 18th

Join Tamworth Distilling, Art in the Age and New York Times bestselling author, Andrea Wulf to celebrate both the release of Andrea’s book, The Invention of Nature Alexander Von Humboldt’s New World, and the limited-edition, collaborative spirit developed by Steven Grasse and produced his new Tamworth, NH Distillery: Von Humboldt’s Natur Wasser Tamarind Cordial at Talula’s Daily, 208 West Washington Square, Center City.

Tamworth Distilling Art in the Age at Talula's Daily with Andrea Wulf

The $100 Dinner with the Author menu will include the September Talula’s Daily menu plus:

  • A special petite Tamarind 3rd course(Sweet and Sour Tamarind and Foie Gras ‘Parfait’ (cardamon granola crunch)
  • 3 cocktail pairings:
  • Art in the Age Rhubarb Champagne Cocktail w/ onion dip and Lobster
  • Tamarind Old Fashioned with Lobster and Tamarind dish
  • Sage Vesper with Chicken and Cheese Course
  • A signed book

To Reserve Tickets: Call Talula’s Daily at (215) 592-6555.

With only 500 bottles made, join us for the very first tasting of this limited-edition cordial, to celebrate both book and booze and commemorate this spirituous achievement.

Von Humboldt’s Natur Wasser Tamarind Cocktail

Steven Grasse, creator of Art in the Age Craft Spirits and founder of Tamworth Distilling first met Andrea Wulf through the wonderful web of social media and their shared interest in history. Andrea’s previous volumes inspired two Art in the Age spirits, (RHUBARB & SAGE) so the two agreed to meet in London for drinks. After meeting, Grasse and Wulf decided to collaborate on a new spirit, to accompany the release of her next book, based on the life and travels of Alexander Von Humboldt.

At the end of March of 1800, adventurer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt packed his boat to the brim with tamarind fruit before departing on an expedition through the Venezuelan jungle. Humboldt had learned from the locals that the pod-like fruit of the tamarind could turn unsavory water into a refreshing “lemonade.” Inspired by Humboldt’s folk cocktail, we’ve created a unique cordial infused with fresh tamarind and citrus.

Out this Fall, in conjunction with Wulf’s critically acclaimed book, Von Humboldt’s Natur Wasser, is a Tamarind Cordial produced by Grasse’s Tamworth Distillery in New Hampshire.

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