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Tasty Vittles: Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips

I was excited when Food Should Taste Good reached out to say they wanted to send me some samples. Already a big fan of their products, I was especially excited to try their Harvest Pumpkin tortilla chips because I’m pretty much a fool for anything pumpkin related this time of year. They also sent a bag of Sweet Potato tortilla chips and Blue Corn tortilla chips.

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips

Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips

You can’t go wrong with any of these chips quite honestly; they’re all delicious snacks. But the Harvest Pumpkin chips stood out taste-wise because of the distinctive addition of seasonal spices — sweet cinnamon and spicy nutmeg. These flavors practically scream Autumn.

Food Should Taste Good sent some recipe cards along with the chips and I had every intention of trying them, but I ended up improvising instead.

I had some spreadable chevre with honey on hand. Any soft goat cheese would do, but the sweet chevre matched with salty chips was a heavenly match. As delightful as that combination was, I was inspired to take the sweet & salty mix to the next level during my next tasting.


Food Should Taste Good Pumpkin Harvest Tortilla Chips with Vanilla Ice Cream

The idea of adding crunchy and salty toppings to ice cream is nothing new; at least not to me. I love adding pretzels to vanilla ice cream. Throwing a few Harvest Pumpkin chips into a bowl of vanilla ice cream seemed completely natural to me. It might sound strange, but trust me, it worked. Sweet, salty AND spicy all in one!? Nailed it.

Eventually, I just snacked on the rest until they were all gone. I also did this with the Sweet Potato tortilla chips. They were enjoyed right out of the bag. Sadly, I never did get around to making the Cranberry Compote or Pineapple Chipotle Salsa recipes which would have been perfect with either of them.

As for the Blue Corn tortilla chips, they almost met the same fate as the Sweet Potato chips; but I decided they would be a perfect topping for a most delicious seitan and bean chili we made one night. The chips added a much needed crunchy element to the ultra savory and hearty chili.

Seitan and Bean Chili with Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

Seitan and Bean Chili with Food Should Taste Good Blue Corn Tortilla Chips

There’s no wrong way to enjoy Food Should Taste Good chips or crackers — either straight out of the bag, as an add-on to something else delicious or with a special dip, spread or salsa. Whatever you do — get the Pumpkin Harvest chips before they’re gone! YUM!

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