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Indonesian Food Pop Up at Philadelphia Museum of Art

Chef Diana Widjojo and her exquisite Indonesian cuisine will pop up at The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s first floor café this weekend.

Catch Chef Diana Widjojo at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

In collaboration with Constellation Culinary Group, PMA has curated an extraordinary Chef in Residence series featuring Philadelphia chefs, giving them a platform to promote their cuisine. 

The next featured chef is Diana Widjojo, formerly of the acclaimed Indonesian restaurant, Hardena. With her exceptional culinary skills and a nomination as a semifinalist for the prestigious James Beard Mid-Atlantic Award, Chef Widjojo has become a well-known name in Indonesian cuisine.

Introducing Rice & Sambal

Chef Diana Widjojo and her partner have embarked on an exciting new culinary journey with the launch of Rice & Sambal. The new business showcases Indonesian cuisine’s vibrant and authentic flavors, offering a delectable array of dishes through its catering services, pop-ups, and events. 

The Rice & Sambal chef will pop up Philadelphia Museum of Art this weekend, from June 30th to July 2nd, from 11:30 to 2:30. This exclusive pop-up event offers a limited-time opportunity to indulge in the exquisite flavors of Indonesian cuisine meticulously crafted by Chef Widjojo.

During the pop-up event, guests will have the privilege of savoring a menu inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Indonesia. 

The menu is as follows:

Beef Rendang $16 — Indonesia’s national dish, slow-cooked braised beef with dark spices, lemongrass, candlenut & coconut. Comes with fresh veggie, Rice & Sambal  

Ayam Kecap $14 — Sweet soy garlic marinated chicken cooked with coriander & dark spices. Comes with fresh veggie, Rice & Sambal  

Tempe Curry $13 — vegan. Tempe, Tofu, potatoes, and veggies in a coconut milk curry. Comes with fresh veggie, Rice & Sambal 

Mie Goreng $9 — vegan. Sauteed Vermicelli Noodles with veggies  

Krupuk Basket $6 — vegan. A variety of tapioca chips to go as a snack or with your food

Admission to the museum is required for this pop-up. Purchase tickets HERE

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