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Meet Pizza Freak Co.: Philly’s Artisan Frozen Pizza Sensation

Philly’s culinary scene just got a whole lot cooler with the arrival of Pizza Freak Co., an innovative frozen pizza company that’s taking the city by storm. Crafted by Miami All-Star Chef Brad Kilgore and Philly Favorite Chef Brad Daniels, Pizza Freak Co. is set to redefine the frozen pizza game with their tantalizing creations.

Chefs Brad Daniels and Brad Kilgore of Pizza Freak Co.

At Pizza Freak Co., they believe that dining at home should be just as exciting and delicious as dining out. That’s why they’ve meticulously crafted their pizzas using only the finest ingredients and a chef-driven approach. With a slow fermentation process that yields their signature crispy, light crust, these pizzas are a cut above the rest. But what truly sets them apart is the use of their trademarked “Freak Frames,” that transform the edges of the pie you bake at home into a crunchy, cheesy “frico” sensation.

Pizza Freak Co. Pepperoni with Miso Ranch and Calabrian Chili Crisp

To ensure that your Pizza Freak Co. experience is nothing short of extraordinary, they’ve provided foolproof instructions on their website for preparing the pizza to perfection in the comfort of your own home. With their guidance, you’ll be able to unlock the full potential of these mouthwatering pies.

The Brads also encourage you to “Get Your Freak On” by customizing your pizza with a tantalizing array of toppings and condiments, such as their fan favorite Pepperoni with Miso Ranch and Calabrian Chili Crisp.

Pizza Freak Co. pizzas are available for online ordering and pick up at Chef Brad Daniels’s restaurant Tresini in Ambler, and soon to be available at Stone’s Beer & Beverage Market, who also delivers.

The first time he tried it, Stone’s Owner Nick Wendowski said “The crust was crispy, the dough was airy, and the cheese was perfectly salty and flavorful. Truly impressive from a frozen pizza. If I didn’t cook it myself, I would have never known it was frozen. We’re excited to be your partner!”

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. Pizza Freak Co. is a brand that thrives on collaboration and exploration. Look out for their thrilling pop-ups throughout the city and region, where they join forces with culinary virtuosos to create one-of-a-kind pizza experiences. Recently, they teamed up with the acclaimed Kurt Evans of Black Dragon Takeout, treating 100 lucky guests to an unforgettable pizza tasting event at Philadelphia Distilling. Chef Kurt’s tantalizing toppings, such as General Roscoe’s Chicken and Mustard Greens Chili Oil, elevated the pizzas to unparalleled heights. All proceeds were donated to one Chef Kurt’s favorite organizations, Free the Ballot.

Chef Kurt Evans and Chef Brad Daniels

Mark your calendars because on June 17th & 18th Pizza Freak Co. will showcase their extraordinary creations at the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen, an esteemed culinary extravaganza. This event is not to be missed, so stay tuned to their website and Instagram for all the mouthwatering updates.

Prepare to be amazed, pizza aficionados! Pizza Freak Co. has arrived, and it’s time to embrace the freak within. Sample their culinary genius, revel in the extraordinary flavors, and let us know what you think. The future of frozen pizza has never looked so delicious!

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