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Complimentary Amaro Flight for Dads at Dolce Italian

Dolce Italian Philadelphia [provided]

Kicking-off June 13th, for the week leading up to Father’s Day (June 18), Dolce Italian located in the W Hotel at 1437 Chestnut Street will offer a Complimentary Amaro Flight to all dads following their meal.

Dolce has an impressive selection of the bittersweet herbaceous liqueurs, with a collection ranging in flavors and styles, including popular varieties such as Averna and Fernet Branca, to hidden gems such as Santa Maria al Monte, Florio Fernet, Sfumato and Lucano.

The special will run from 6/13 – 6/18. Dads will have their choice of 3 Amari to taste (full menu below) and are encouraged to pair the flight with Dolce’s vanilla gelato or biscotti.

Choice of one:

  • Vecchio del Capo, Calabria, herbs, quinine, cola nut and citrus
  • Lucano, Basilicata, citrus, sweetness, bitter herb
  • Averna Sicilia, sweet with herbs, citrus and caramel
  • Nonino, Friuli, a grappa-based amaro with saffron, gentian and chinchona
  • Sibona, Piedmonte, rhubarb, orange peel and cloves
  • Meletti, Marchè, with orange peel, chocolate and florals
  • Montenegro, Emilia Romagna, vanilla, clove and orange peel
  • Cardamaro, Piedmonte, cardoon, blessed thistle, spice
  • Pasubio, Trentino, blueberry, pine, smoke
  • Vigo, Philadelphia, baking spice, dried plum, cinchona

Choice of one:

  • Nardini, Veneto, milk chocolate, licorice, peppermint
  • Cynar, Molise, vegetal, smokey, herbal
  • Casoni Heritage, Modena, licorice, orange, peppermint
  • Casoni Ciclista, Modena, peppermint, licorice
  • Santa Maria al Monte, Liguria, cardamom , pine, spearmint, orange
  • Elisar Navasalus, Trentino, burdock, dandelion, gentian

Choice of one:

  • Florio Fernet, Sicilia, cinnamon, saffron, mint
  • Sfumato, Trentino, Smoke, wood, rhubarb
  • Meletti Fernet, Marche’, anise, clove, orange peel, gentian
  • Cappeletti Alta Verde, Piedmonte, herbaceous, citrus
  • Fernet Branca Lombardia, dry, menthol, eucalyptus, myrrh, and rhubarb
  • Branca Menta Lombardia, peppermint, rhubarb and saffron

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