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The Cooking Studio Launches in Telford

The Cooking Studio offers cooking classes in Telford, PA

Chef Shelby Fahrni is pleased to announce the launch of The Cooking Studio at 114 West Broad Street in Telford, PA. She offers culinary lessons to folks of all cooking skill levels, occupying a spacious 1800-square-foot brick-and-mortar storefront in the charming borough. She and her spouse are residents of the nearby town of Souderton.

At The Cooking Studio, culinary enthusiasts participate in enlightening cooking sessions within a fully equipped commercial kitchen for up to 12 students. Each class is intentionally limited to this number to ensure an optimal learning experience. The diverse courses offered include pasta-making workshops, sushi-making classes, and many other delightful culinary adventures suitable for individuals of all age groups, including children.

Chef Shelby Fahrni of The Cooking Studio in Telford, PA

Initially from Maysville (just north of Kansas City), Missouri, Shelby’s professional background encompasses working at esteemed fine dining establishments such as Lidia’s in Kansas City and Lidia’s in NYC, both owned by the renowned Lidia Bastianich, from 2010 to 2013. After that, she worked at the acclaimed Italian restaurant Becco, owned by Lidia and her son Joe Bastianich, from 2014 to 2015.

From 2016 to 2021, Shelby embarked on the next phase of her chef career at Eddie V’s, initially assuming a role in restaurant management and spearheading the opening of new Eddie V’s locations nationwide, including the one in King of Prussia, which is what brought her to Pennsylvania.

During the challenging times of the pandemic, Shelby took a sabbatical year and dabbled briefly in the insurance industry alongside her husband. However, she soon realized that her true passion resided in the culinary realm, and she was called to impart her expertise to aspiring cooks.

It all started when a friend approached her, seeking guidance in pasta-making. This encounter ignited a spark within Shelby, prompting her to explore hosting cooking classes. But she wanted to do it in her own space.

Chef Shelby Fahrni of The Cooking Studio in Telford, PA

After an extensive search, she discovered a two-story establishment in Telford that had previously operated as a restaurant. Recognizing its potential, Shelby and her husband acquired the building for their businesses. The Cooking Studio occupies the ground floor, and her husband’s business runs upstairs.

A rigorous construction process ensued, lasting nearly a year. Starting in July last year, they originally intended to open The Cooking Studio’s doors in January. However, they encountered numerous challenges and a steep learning curve while striving to create the space that suited their needs. 

The Cooking Studio is now open, with many classes scheduled and filling up rapidly. If you’re interested in cooking classes in Montgomery or Bucks County, check out The Cooking Studio. The class schedule is listed here.

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