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Cray Taste Old City Introduces Black History Month Menu

Saquan Howard, the chef and owner of Cray Taste Old City, located at 118 Market Street in Philadelphia, is launching a Black History Month menu which pays homage to famous African-American legends throughout history. 

Here’s the menu, which will be offered between February 1st and 28th:

Hemings Freedom: Fried chicken with mac & cheese and candied yams ($16.99). “James Hemings was an enslaved man owned by Thomas Jefferson who earned his freedom after teaching everyone on the estate how to cook French cuisine,” said Howard.

Meek Mill: Chicken-fried steak with mashed potatoes and collard greens ($16.99). What’s not to love about Philly’s incredibly inspirational rapper, who now dedicates a ton of his time to criminal justice reform?! 

George Crum: Honey-glazed meatloaf with mash and chips ($22.99). Crum, born George Speck, invented the potato chip in 1853.

Bob Marley: Oxtail with rice, peas, and steamed cabbage ($27.99). Howard said he wanted to recognize one of the greatest Black artists of all-time with this Jamaican dish.

Uzi: Herb-crusted salmon with rice and asparagus ($27.99). “Lil Uzi Vert, one of my favorite rappers, is an incredible artist and a huge seafood lover, and I’m excited to include him on this menu,” said Howard. 

Make your reservations now!

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