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Copabanana South Street Launches GoFundMe Campaign

Copabanana, the legendary Philadelphia bar and restaurant located at 344 South Street, is seeking the public’s help to stay in business. 

A Facebook ad exclaiming to “Help Save South Street’s Iconic Copabanana!” popped up without much more information. Philly Grub reached out to learn more.

A GoFundMe campaign was launched on January 4th to “save” Copabanana. It claims that Copabanana’s South Street location is still struggling due to pandemic-related issues, city unrest, and last summer’s mass shooting. Also, Founder and owner Bill Curry is confined to his home due to significant health problems. 

“Thanks to COVID, mandated closures and regulations, riots, and mass shootings, Copabanana is struggling,” General Manager Nick Ventura told Philly Grub. “The employees are all working hard to keep it together here on South Street, but we need some help to keep going.”

Copabanana is not alone. The once-bustling street has seen a massive downturn recently, with many businesses closing or on the verge of closing. Ventura said there are about 100 empty stores on South Street now, and thinks more will close this Winter. 

Please note: A rep from the South Street Headhouse District commented that it is actually at 86% occupancy and has less than 60 vacant storefronts, many of which are under contract/will be home to new businesses soon. More than 20+ businesses have just opened or will be opening soon.

“Copa has been here for 45 years, and we received no Federal funds promised to us,” he said.

The campaign explains that they have many outstanding expenses, including rent and other business-related costs. The restaurant also requires many repairs, upgrades, and other refurbishments. Funds raised will go towards that and help with some of Curry’s out-of-pocket home healthcare needs. 

“It’s been almost three years of hell on South Street,” the campaign exclaims.

They wish to see the fun and good times return to the troubled street. 

Ventura and other employees hope the GoFundMe campaign will help keep Copabanana South Street alive for many more years. Another way folks can help is to visit South Street and stop by for something to eat and drink. It’s all about survival at this point.

Learn more on the Save Copabanana GoFundMe page.

Do you have happy memories of Copabanana or South Street, let us know in the comments. Positive stories only, please! My memories are fuzzy at best. Heh!

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