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Product Corner: Chef Kimberly Fonville Spices Too!

Philadelphia private/personal chef Kimberly Fonville and I have been following each other on Instagram for a long time. She always shares her fun culinary creations on IG, showcasing some serious chops in the kitchen with creative meals that look beyond scrumptious! Her culinary mission is to feed people delicious, flavorful food that’ll keep them coming back.

There’s no culinary request she can’t fulfill. She can accommodate any diet – vegan, low-cal, KETO, whatever. She can whip up customized, personalized menus for whatever the occasion calls. She and her team also offer event catering. She just wants to cook for people, and I respect the hell out of that. 🙆‍♀️🙌

Chef Kimberly Fonville Spices Too!?

Chef Kimberly has also branched out into making her own line of spices and seasonings! She was a dear and sent me some to sample. I can never turn down adding to my spice collection. I can’t help myself and keep adding to it! It’s out of control, and I’m out of room, but still.

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She sent me Garlic Onion Truffle Salt, Thyme Lemon Salt, and Hickory BBQ Blend. She offers other spices and seasonings, as well as brines, bread mixes, sugars, and more. She’s always adding to her online spice shop, so keep checking. I’m excited to see what she adds next!

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These are a welcome addition to “Spice World.” They are already being used in our kitchen! I encourage you to support a local entreprenuerial chef by purchasing some of her spices and seasonings. Use this link which will apply promo code “PHILLYGRUB” for 10% off your order!

I received samples, but my opinions are my own, and I simply love support local culinary talent!

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