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Game Day Grub: G’Day Gourmet Australian Meat Pies

I’ve been a fan of Mike Peacock’s Aussie meat pies since he started his food truck The Flying Pie Guy and could be found at food truck events all throughout the region. So, when I had the opportunity to try them again, ever since rebranding his meat pie business as G’Day Gourmet, I jumped at it, because these buttery pastries filled with meat are so dang delicious and comforting!

Mike grew up in Australia and New Zealand enjoying these meat filled pastries. When he moved to the United States, he discovered they were nowhere to be found and he missed them so much. He started making his own and realized Americans should try Australia’s version of the pot pie. He started his food truck The Flying Pie Guy and the rest is history. Now as G’Day Gourmet, and with help from the Wolf Pac, it is an e-commerce business shipping all over the country.

Currently available in five varieties of meat pies—Beef/Bacon/Cheddar, Chicken & Leek, Lamb & Rosemary, Steak & Stout, and Spinach & Feta—plus authentic Australian sausage rolls. They couldn’t be easier to make at home! From frozen, just pop them in a pre-heated 375 degree oven (if you have the convection feature, use that) for 45 minutes. They come out perfectly cooked, with a rich & savory “stew” on the inside, and the outside pastry is so crisp, buttery, and flaky! It’s a cross between a short crust and puff pastry with zero shortening or lard. All butter, baby!

Absolutely scrumptious and better than any American pot pie I ever had. Perfect for unique game day grubbing at home or you can catch them at Lincoln Financial Field during Eagles home games, too!

Order at, pop in promo code “phillygrub” for 10% off your order. Enjoy & let me know what you think!

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