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When launched last year during the pandemic, it was designed to help chefs make a side income from selling their recipes online. The site had been in development before COVID-19 struck, but the need for it became more urgent when mandatory lockdowns occurred, shuttering restaurants and leaving many chefs furloughed. As a Philadelphia-area-based startup, started reaching out to local chefs.

Users who sign up for a membership on can search, download and save recipes by a chef, meal, dietary restrictions, skill level, and more, and keep the recipes in their Recipe Box. Members can also grab a recipe from anywhere on the web and save it to their Recipe Box. Additionally, they can upload their favorite recipes for access from any device, anywhere. Each saved recipe can be annotated, shared, and used to generate shopping lists.

The Philadelphia area chefs featured on are:

Chef Chad Rosenthal

Chad’s a self-taught chef who has been in the kitchen since age five and found his calling in the world of barbecue. He’s a successful restaurateur, having opened a handful of BBQ and comfort food spots in the Philadelphia area, including his flagship – The Lucky Well.

Chef Christina Pirello

Chef Christina Pirello

Chef Christina Pirello is one of America’s preeminent authorities on healthy living with natural and whole foods at its core. She’s made it her purpose in life to show that everyone can look their best and feel great too, by understanding the impact of food on day to day wellness. Chef Christina is the author of many cookbooks and is the host of Christina Cooks on public television.

Chef Gregory Headen

Chef Gregory was the last chef trained by Chef Georges Perrier and became Executive Chef at the famed Le Bec Fin. Now the owner of The Black Plate Experience and co-founder of Everybody Eats, he’s also a Food Network Chopped Champion.

Chef Christina Martin

Chef Christina specializes in plant-based whole foods, is a high school culinary arts teacher, and segment producer on Small Bites Radio Show.  After graduating with a BS in Business Administration from Rowan University and working in the accounting field, Christina embraced a career change and went to culinary school. 

Chef Sean McMonagle

Chef Sean is a graduate of the JNA Institute of Culinary Arts and has many years of experience as an executive chef in many Philadelphia restaurants as well as now being an adjunct instructor at JNA. He’s also co-creator of Salt of the Earth Craft Salts.

ChefChel (aka Laura Wharton)

Laura Wharton AKA ChefChel is a South Jersey native who developed a love for food from watching her mom cook in the kitchen. In May 2020, I graduated from Johnson & Wales University in Providence, Rhode Island with a Bachelors in Culinary Arts and Food Service Management.

More About Chefcipes:

Chefcipes is where food lovers and chefs come together to celebrate food and cooking. Real chefs from around the world provide thousands of delicious, proven recipes to Chefcipes, and food lovers support them through a monthly or annual membership.

Chefcipes shares 60% of its membership revenue with its chefs, providing them a new source of revenue. Chefs and restaurants earn this royalty every time a Chefcipes member saves one of their recipes.

While there are myriad recipe sites, actual chef-developed recipes are comparatively rare. Chefcipes is the only place that offers food lovers and home cooks a wide range of chef-developed recipes, and it does it at scale.

Each member can earn money on the platform, too. Each Chefcipes member is assigned a unique link that includes a promo code. Members can share the link with anyone they think might be interested in Chefcipes. When five people use the link to join Chefcipes, the referring member earns a $25 gift card or a $25 gift certificate to the restaurant of their choice.

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