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🥕 Carrots Philly’s Favorite Veggie? Bolthouse Farms says it is!

Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ Plant-Based Carrot Products


A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ found that carrots are Philly’s favorite veggie! Really? Read why:

🥕 72.5% of people representing Philly are more likely to eat carrots over any other vegetable, including asparagus (57.5%), cauliflower (46.25%), kale (27.5%), and artichoke (22.5%).

🥕 38.7% of Philadelphians who took the poll believe that carrots are the most versatile vegetable for dipping (i.e. ranch, salsa, hummus, peanut butter), over celery (33.75%), bell peppers (10%), and broccoli (15%).

🥕 76.25% of surveyed Philadelphians are most likely to put carrots on their veggie tray, over celery (67.5%), bell peppers (65%), and zucchini (25%).

🥕 20% of Philly representatives associate carrots with an adventurous personality trait and 37% associate carrots with an optimistic personality trait.


Not only are carrots an excellent source of vitamin A—important for vision, immune system, and reproduction—they’re also high in fiber, calcium, and Vitamin K, supporting everything from digestion to bone health. 

Making carrots even more fun to enjoy, Bolthouse Farms, the leader in all things carrots, has launched the new Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ line. This new platform includes Carrot Dogs, Carrot Rice and Carrot Noodles and are now available at Philly GIANT grocery stores.

Leveraging more than 100-year heritage in carrot farming and plant-based foods, Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ brings the inherent nutrition and great taste of carrots to consumers’ center plate in unexpected ways that showcase this versatile vegetable in inspiring ways.


Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ Carrot Dogs [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

🥕 Carrot Dogs: A great alternative to both traditional meat-based and newer plant-based hot dogs, Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ Carrot Dogs are made simply with whole carrots, marinated in a blend of herbs and spices –not chopped or formed –and ready for grilling. They are available in 8-count packs in on-trend flavors like Classic American-style, Chorizo-style, and Sweet Italian-style.

🥕 Noodled Carrot Kits: To create a tasty, vegetable-rich alternative to a bowl of pasta, Bolthouse Farms has paired fresh carrot ribbons with flavorful sauces to create a perfect main course as prepared or a heartier meal with the addition of tofu or shrimp. Available in Sunday Marinara and Thai Basil Takeout flavors.

🥕 Riced Carrot Kits: The perfect swap for a rice dish, the Riced Carrot kits include flavorful sauces that perfectly complement the natural taste of carrots. Either variety makes a perfect side dish or an excellent base to build a meal with the addition of protein. Available in Sesame Garlic Sizzle and Salsa Verde Fiesta flavors.


Bolthouse Farms Wunderoots™ Riced and Noodled Carrot Products [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]


What do you think? Are carrots your favorite veggie? Will you try these 🥕 products?

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