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TAG Time Happy Hour Fundraising Events by Kristina and Jim Burke

I’m very pleased to share this fundraiser as it is near and dear to my heart. My father died of lung cancer 32 years ago so I feel this is a worthy cause.

Kristina and Jim Burke of TAG Time Happy Hour

From industry veterans, Jim and Kristina Burke, Philadelphia area chef and hospitality maven respectively, comes the TAG Time Happy Hour Series, a traveling happy hour fundraiser benefiting lung cancer research and treatment. By way of happy hours hosted by a variety of award-winning chefs and restaurants across Philadelphia and beyond, TAG Time serves to raise money for EGFR Resisters Patient Advocacy Group and LUNGevity Foundation, whose cancer research has revolutionized outcomes for lung cancers patients, including Jim Burke, currently battling lung cancer himself. 

With fundraising happy hour pop-ups occurring April through June, TAG Time has one goal: to improve outcomes for patients with EGFR positive lung cancer by accelerating research and ultimately changing an EGFR lung cancer diagnosis into a manageable chronic disease. Funds raised go directly to privately funded research projects. In the two months of fundraising happy hours, TAG Time is looking to raise $25,000, which will be donated directly to EGFRresisters and LUNGevity. 

Please support by going to the fundraising events or supporting directly on the TAG Time Happy Hour fundraiser.

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