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Topo Chico Twist of Tangerine Now Available at Sprouts, Whole Foods in Spring

Topo Chico is expanding its portfolio with the introduction of Twist of Tangerine – a refreshing sparkling mineral water complete with a natural touch of citrus flavor.

Providing enriched hydration without sweeteners, the unique Twist of Tangerine flavor is perfect for those seeking a healthy alternative with a hint of flavor.

A natural addition to Topo Chico’s “Twist” line, Tangerine joins fan favorites Twist of Lime and Twist of Grapefruit, complete with a refreshing splash of citrus that mirrors flavors people love.

Available now at Sprouts Farmers Market in Philly, the Topo Chico Twist of Tangerine is offered in the brand’s iconic 12oz glass bottles in single bottles, 4-packs, and cases of 24, with additional availability at area Whole Foods stores this spring.

To celebrate the launch of this new flavor and provide a sensory sipping experience, Spotify users can listen to the @TopoChicoUSA “Ode to Tangerine” playlist.

Best served chilled, Topo Chico is a sparkling mineral water, with a unique blend of minerals and tight bubbles providing a differentiated and versatile drinking experience.

For the best tasting experience, open an icy Topo Chico and awaken the bubbles by lightly tapping the bottle on a table twice.

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