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Bada Bing Bagels: North Jersey Bagel Delivery in Philadelphia

Last summer, Stefanie Bernstein, 30, lost her job due to the pandemic. Finding a new job basically became her full-time gig, but she said, “the job search was so exhausting; it was almost impossible to land a job in the world we live in today.” With unemployment so high, what is a girl to do who says she can’t sit still and needs to stay busy?

Stefanie Bernstein of Bada Bing Bagels

Startup her own business, that’s what. That business being Bada Bing Bagels, a new bagel delivery service in Philadelphia, based in Fishtown.

“One day after visiting my family in NJ, and eating my favorite bagel I said, wait a second…Philly doesn’t have bagels on this level,” Bernstein, originally from the Princeton area, told Philly Grub. “What is stopping me from providing these circles of heaven to the Philly area?”

Bada Bing Bagels

Proclaiming proudly that bagels are a huge part of her life, especially those from the shop near her hometown, which is run by Israeli jews, she knew that this was the business venture for her. Even though her beloved bagels are Jewish made, her love of The Sopranos TV show inspired her to name her service Bada Bing! Bagels.

“My plan is to pick up and deliver bagels to customer’s doors every Wednesday and Friday,” Berstein noted. “Orders will go live every Sunday, with a link that can be found on Instagram, and all orders must be placed by 3pm on Monday of every week.”

If you recall a few months ago, NY Bagel Butler launched a New York bagel delivery service in Philadelphia. She thinks that there is room for another, arguing that, “They have an awesome product, but we can represent Jersey bagels, too.”

What do you think? Does Philadelphia warrant another outside bagel delivery service? Let me know in the comments. Tell me who makes your favorite bagels in Philly.

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