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New Site Finds Suitable Philadelphia Restaurants for Food Restrictions

Over 10% of the population has an allergy, and an even larger portion follow a diet. For most, finding suitable dishes at restaurants is a frustrating process. The lack of options means settling for the same tiring dishes like garden salads, veggie burgers or plain rice.

A new start-up is helping anyone with a dietary restriction explore a large range of cuisines and dishes. Honeycomb is a free website that filters through hundreds of local restaurant menus and recommends options for nine major diets and dietary restrictions. 

The first-of-its-kind site can also combine two diets or allergies for more refined selections. Here are a few highlights: 

For gluten-free and vegan options, Honeycomb suggested the rich Mac n’ Cheese with mushroom ‘bacon’ from Front Street Cafe, or the aromatic Chana Masala (chickpea curry) from Veda Philly. 

For dairy-free and keto options, Honeycomb suggested the protein-filled Surf n’ Turf Salad from Wolf St Pizza or the exotic Tom Kha (mushroom soup with coconut milk) from Thai Kuu.

While it’s becoming easier to discover vegan and gluten-free options at restaurants, Honeycomb also supports lesser-known allergen restrictions, such as nightshade, low FODMAP, and soy. All restaurants offer delivery, and the list covers a wide range of cuisines, prices, and neighborhoods.

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