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Product Corner: ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixers

What better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend than with cocktails? ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixers made it easy for me by sending me a few samples.

ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixers [Photo: David Johnson]

These all organic, artisanal cocktail mixers were created by two women “with a shaker and a dream” in Bethlehem, PA (approximately 70 miles north of Philadelphia).

Trish and Diane of ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixers

Founded by Trish Pepe Lauden and Diane Aemisegeo, they set out to create all-natural cocktail mixers without the use of sugary-sweet syrups. The result is a mixer that can complement any spirit and, as they say, can be kinda good for you.

The ROOT Crafted Cocktail Mixers Collection

Being an amateur mixologist at home, I was excited to receive these samples and was especially stoked to try them this weekend.

Ingredients for Cucumber Lime Gin & Tonic [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

While I loved each mixer, I especially loved “The Cuke” which made for an amazingly refreshing cucumber lime gin & tonic!

Cucumber Lime Gin & Tonic [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

The recipe went a little something like this:

  • 2 shot glasses of gin of your choice (I had Tanqueray Rangpur on hand)
  • 2 shot glasses of ROOT Cuke mixer
  • 1 shot glass of lime-flavored tonic water
  • Fresh lime juice
  • A few slices of cucumber as garnish

Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and shake it up. Pour in a glass of your choice and enjoy!

And let me tell you, the “Hibi-Hibi” was especially good in a fruit-forward rum cocktail that I made after the gin & tonic and failed to take a picture of. Doh! We also tried “The Hound” with some vodka and OJ. 🙂

Up Your Craft Cockail Game with ROOT Mixers! [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Find some fun ROOT crafted cocktail recipes here. I don’t think you can go wrong with any one of them.

I’m totally sold on these cocktail mixers and can definitely endorse them. So, if you’re looking for new cocktail mixers, I’d say give them a try. It looks like you can find them at your local PA Wine & Spirits shop.

Or you can order online and get FREE Shipping through June 30, 2020.

Samples were provided, but opinions are my own.

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