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Product Corner: RMDY Digestive Supplement

From time to time, I like to feature Philadelphia-based products that aren’t specifically food-related, rather food-adjacent. The product in this feature relates to the digestion of food and gut health.

As someone who suffers from a digestive disorder, I need to be mindful of the foods I eat, but it’s not always easy. So when RMDY (pronounced “remedy”) reached out to tell me about their chewable digestive supplement, my interest was piqued.

Furthermore, the fact that the dietary supplement was born and developed on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania by two Wharton MBA students fascinated me. I was eager to learn more and, of course, try the product for myself which I found helpful the morning after I ate a few trigger foods that caused discomfort.

RMDY founders Ryan Morgan and Kate Kim

Philly Grub: Who are the founders of RMDY and what drove them to develop it?

RMDY: RMDY was founded by Kate Kim and Ryan Morgan who met in August of 2018 on their first day as Wharton MBA students. As people with GI issues, they immediately connected over the idea that consumer health solutions were broken – especially in digestive health. They set out to find a solution and teamed up with two leading doctors & medical school professors to design a science-backed solution.

PG: What digestive issues does RMDY address?

RMDY: The tasty chewable is designed to help improve digestive function, prevent bloating and gas, reduce stomach discomfort, and promote nutrient absorption. RMDY’s Daily Digestive Essentials are preventative and proactive.

RMDY Daily Digestive Essentials

PG: What are the ingedients in the supplement?

RMDY: The supplement contains digestive enzymes that break up & digest other proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, probiotics (“good bacteria”), prebiotics (food for the probiotics), and a blend of ginger, fennel, and peppermint which helps provide beneficial medicinal effects on digestion and overall health.

PG: What else should people know about RMDY?

RMDY: These chewables are vegan-friendly, vegetarian, gluten-free, and non-GMO. Designed for individuals 18 and older, these supplements provide a comprehensive approach to health and can be used every day to help short-term discomfort or long-term digestive health.

PG: How much does RMDY cost and how can people order it?

RMDY: A 30-day supply costs $49 for a one-time purchase. A monthly subscription costs $39. Each comes with a complimentary travel case. The products are available via rmdy’s website.

If you’re looking for a new digestive supplement, I recommend giving these a try. They’re generously offering a 20% discount on the first order to the readers of Philly Grub. Give them a try and let me know your thoughts.

A sample was provided, but opinions are my own.

2 thoughts on “Product Corner: RMDY Digestive Supplement

  1. Well they have been out of stock for almost 9 months and they have made NO announcements as to when or if they will be making this product available again.
    Since November of 2022 I have been trying to buy back these chewable and they are out. It’s very disheartening that they sold a great product, ran out and have said nothing. This week June 2023 after checking their website(which I do regularly) I see that it has been taken down. It’s very disappointing. I just don’t understand why they haven’t made some form of announcements as to what is going on. Their Instagram page is still up. I am hoping they relaunch.

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