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Marilyn Johnson featured on the Philadelphia Public Relations Association Blog

Philly Grub is about the things that I find interesting and meaningful. Sometimes it’s a news piece, other times its commentary on something special. I use this platform to shine a little spotlight on all of the great things happening in the Philadelphia and South Jersey food scenes.

I don’t like to toot my own horn too often because this blog isn’t about me it’s about others. Still, it’s quite gratifying when other people recognize the efforts I put into doing this blog, which is still very much a labor of love and passion project.

I was tickled when The Philadelphia Public Relations Association asked to feature me on its blog. I work with many PR pros in order to find and publish content on a regular basis. I’m always looking for unique and fun stories so that you, my readers, can feel more informed and entertained. PRs make this “job” a bit easier.

Click on this link or on the photo below to read the brief interview.

Thank you, PPRA! And thank you all for reading! 🙂

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