Serve Better Philadelphia Restaurant Workers Relief Efforts

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began and with many restaurants closed or providing limited service, it’s a known fact that an unprecedented number of service industry workers are out of work.

There have been so many heroic efforts put forth to provide for these workers in their time of need. Some are small, community endeavors, while others are organized by large groups or corporations. I’ve posted about a few of these fundraising and feeding initiatives over the past several weeks to bring awareness in the hopes that people who want to help can find deserving causes.

I wish I could tell you about them all, but that would be a full-time job. Either way, it’s been heartwarming to see the food and restaurant industry rally to help their own. It really lifts my spirits during this challenging time, where there is still so much uncertainty about the future of restaurants and foodservice businesses.

When the good folks at Serve Better reached out to me to share a video of their recent efforts in Philadelphia, I wasn’t expecting to react so emotionally. Maybe it’s the inspirational music they selected (“A Million Dreams” by Pink), or perhaps I’m just overly sensitive, but I nearly cried like a baby watching it.

It reminded me that we’re not even close to being out of the woods of this global crisis, and there are so many people in our area, especially idled restaurant workers, that still need help simply to survive. They need the basic essentials, like food, to get through this time. Knowing that the people behind Serve Better and their volunteers are coming together to assemble food packages for those in need, tugged at my heartstrings.

So, with that said, I’m happy to share this video with you and I guarantee you’ll feel something, too!

The events in this video were hosted at Craft Hall by FCM Hospitality with generous donations and supplies by US Foods (the people behind Serve Better and their larger initiative Hungry for Better) on April 11th (Serve Better I) and May 2nd (Serve Better II).

Over 1000 staff members were signed up by restaurant owners and GMs to receive these food packages filled with produce, proteins, and nutritious snacks. A total of 6000+ meals were provided as a result!

The next ServeBetter III will be hosted in the Lehigh Valley on May 16th, and they plan on coming back to Philadelphia at some point.

I’m sharing because efforts like this that celebrate our restaurant workers, owners, and volunteers should be spotlighted. Well done & keep up the great work, Serve Better.

It instills hope in me (and I hope for you as well) that we’re going to get through this together…better!

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