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Yards Announces Collaboration with Connor Barwin

[Photo: Ben Lackey]

On Tuesday, September 18, Yards Brewing Company will welcome Connor Barwin and the Make the World Better (MTWB) foundation crew to brew a special beer at 10:30 a.m. Yards and MTWB have teamed up to raise awareness about the locally-based foundation’s mission to connect people and inspire stewardship through public space revitalization projects.

Barwin, who founded MTWB in 2013 during his first year with the Philadelphia Eagles, will join Yards on Tuesday to make an ale called Make the World Better Beer. It will be characterized by low alcohol, spiced notes from rye malt, and a pleasant flavor from bitter orange peel. Later this fall, Eagles center Jason Kelce will join the effort to support the beer’s launch and MTWB’s fundraising events.

[Photo: Ben Lackey]

On deciding what style to brew Kehoe says, “When we were thinking about what would make sense for this collaboration, I thought of a purl right away. It’s not flashy. It’s not another in-your-face IPA. Purl is the working man’s beer. It symbolizes hard work – the kind of hard work that builds strong communities, just like Barwin’s foundation has been doing right here in Philly.”

Since 2016, Yards has been featuring altruistic and philanthropic individuals and groups in the Greater Philadelphia Region who are working hard to make their backyard a better place to live and work. It’s called The Good Fight program, and this collaboration with MTWB and Barwin is a perfect fit for the program’s goals.

[Photo: Ben Lackey]

Yards CEO Trevor Prichett explains, “For many years, we’ve been doing the best we can to give back to the good people of Philly through charitable beer donations and financial contributions. Through our Good Fight program, we hope to raise significant awareness and support for the people and organizations in our community making a real difference in the lives of Philadelphians.”

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