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Boozy Cakes on Tap at SOMO

Stout Cake

With the fall season and the holidays rapidly approaching, SOMO Owner James Morrissey has teamed up with local baker Claudia Stemler to introduce “Boozy Cakes” — spirit-infused cakes — which will be available throughout the remainder of the year at SOMO in Manayunk, as well as at the new SOMO SoPhi at 13th and Packer Streets in South Philadelphia when it opens this October. The cakes, which flew off the shelves and sold out during Labor Day Weekend, are now on display on the bar and are available at the restaurant located at 4311 Main Street in Manayunk.

Morrissey and Stemler worked together in the past, as he designed Stemler’s former Chestnut Hill bakery in 2013, which jumpstarted the idea of introducing boozy cakes at SOMO. The spirit-infused cake options will include: “The White Russian” which combines Kahlúa and vodka in the batter along with a Kahlúa buttercream; “The Margarita Cake” which contains three oranges along with orange zest, tequila, buttermilk, fresh-squeezed lime buttercream and tequila buttercream, all topped with sprinkles of salt and sugar; a rich stout beer cake that contains Chestnut Hill Brewing Company’s “Shake It Out Stout” and is topped with a chocolate glaze; and Stemler’s “Irish Cake” featuring Bailey’s Irish Cream and Guinness, and is topped with a whiskey buttercream. Stemler also plans to introduce cakes featuring champagne and rosé later this fall, while also introducing Caribbean-inspired booze cakes as the weather turns colder.

“Baking is in my genes, as my mom, Nana and Mom-mom were all avid bakers,” said Stemler. “My mom and dad also used to have an out-of-home bakery business when I was a child, and our apartment always smelled like bread, cakes, pies and soft pretzels. I grew up with an intense appreciation for cooking, baking and a great appreciation for feeding others. Baking for others provides me with immense joy. I love to keep what I bake natural, with limited whole ingredients, and I’ve also spent a lot of time working with gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. I love to incorporate different types of alcohol to compliment flavors and have some fun.”

“Claudia is an extremely talented baker, and it’s such a pleasure to work with her several years after we first began our business relationship together,” said Morrissey. “She is a master of her craft, and her cakes are so delicious. I couldn’t believe how good these boozy cakes were when I first tried them, and our customers seem to really love them. We sold out of the first order much faster than we anticipated, and we’re excited to keep that momentum going.”

Slices of SOMO’s boozy cakes are available daily for $10 apiece, and whole cakes can be ordered for pickup at the restaurant by calling 267.297.6668.

SOMO Manayunk is located at 4311 Main Street.

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