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Recap: Philly’s Classic Cook-Off Presented by Budweiser

By Amaris Pollock, special correspondent to Philly Grub

Philly's Classic Cook Off 2018

Philly’s Classic Cook Off 2018 [Photo: Amaris Pollock]

The heat was on during the Philly’s Classic Cook Off Presented by Budweiser held at the Piazza at Schmidt’s Commons. All who were in attendance ate the delectable twists on Philadelphia classics, but only there were only two categories for the competitors to win in.  

The Philadelphia local restaurants which competed in Philly’s Budweiser Classic Cook Off were MilkBoy, The Union Tap, Mad Rex, Revolution Taco, Molly Malloy’s, and SliCe.

Philly’s Classic Cook Off Judges [Photo: Amaris Pollock]

While each of the participants brought their best, the two victors won by being either The Judge’s Choice winner versus The People’s Choice winner. The judges, who are well known local foodies, included Marilyn Johnson (@phillygrub), John Kim (@bellyofthepig), and Kass Dahlquist (@phillyfoodgirl).

Italian Hoagie Empanada by Revolution Taco [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Tasting all the food offerings is a hard job, but in the end, the judges decided that Revolution Taco’s Italian Hoagie Empanada was the victor. With its perfectly fried shell, the cheese just oozed out in combination of the cubed tender meat with every bite; it’s no wonder that the judges chose it.

The Union Tap’s The Delphia Burger [Photo: Amaris Pollock]

As for the People’s Choice, everyone was delighted with The Union Tap who created The Delphia. It was a delicious and juicy grilled burger topped off with even more beef (steak shavings), and then finished off with sautéed onions, pork roll, American cheese that just melted down the sides and mingled with the thousand island dressing. And the hearty pretzel bun gave it a solid base to hold that amazing burger creation.

Slice’s Truffled Ribeye Philly Cheesesteak Pizza [Photo: Amaris Pollock]

And I would love to give a shout out to Slice for making a Truffled Ribeye Philly Cheesesteak Pizza. Just walking up to their table you could already smell the White Truffle Oil floating in the air, and with one bite I was in mushroom and ribeye meat heaven.

Milkboy’s Roast Pork Remix [Photo: Amaris Pollock]

Next, I tried what Milkboy had to offer. They brought Roast Pork Remix made with tender slow-roasted pork butt, and a broccolini and Asian pear coleslaw that complimented the dish well.  

Molly Malloy’s Scrappy Philadelphian [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Over at Molly Malloy’s there was a scrapple, or to be more exact The Scrappy Philadelphian. Made with a Philly breakfast favorite, the scrapple was topped with a sunny-side-up egg and plated with a sharp tasting pickled green tomato.  

Mad Rex Chocolate Caramel Brownie [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

To round everyone’s indulgent meals out, Mad Rex may have lost their original competition offering because of technical issues the night before, but they made sure to sweeten the night by showing up with their delightful brownies.  

Philly’s Classic Cook Off 2018 Presented by Budweiser [Photo: Marilyn Johnson]

Of course all the wonderful dishes needed something to wash them down, so we were all grateful for the refreshing beers which were provided by the sponsor, Budweiser.

The Morning After Band [Photo: Amaris Pollock]

I had a lot of fun listening to the live entertainment from The Morning After band while sipping on my Budweiser beer and filling up on all the various competitors delicious food. This was the first Philly’s Classic Cook Off Presented by Budweiser and hosted by Philadelphia Magazine Events, and I look forward to attending all of the future one’s too!

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